This is a HOT Walmart Money Maker!  Use your $2/1 Kaytee Brand Coupons (RP 9/30, exp. 10/31) to get some amazing Walmart Deals!  You can get even more Kaytee Product Coupons HERE


Walmart Deals:


Kaytee Bird Treats: As low as $1.94

Use: $2/1 Kaytee Brand, exp. 10/31 RP9/30

Final Price: Up to a $0.06 Money Maker


Kaytee Small Pet Treats: $1.98

Use: $2/1 Kaytee Brand, exp. 10/31 RP9/30

Final Price: Up to a $0.02 Money Maker


Kaytee Guniea Pig Food 5 lb: $3.67

Use: $2/1 Kaytee Brand, exp. 10/31 RP9/30

Final Price: $1.67 HOT!

About Amy

Finding amazing Walmart Deals through price match strategies and coupon organization techniques has always given me an extreme coupon high! It’s truly a mental rush to leave the store with a shopping cart overflowing with great Wally World money makers, freebies, discount sale items, and with my grocery budget still in tact! My passion for bargain shopping has always come hand in hand with helping other deal seekers save money and become more financially secure, and all while still maintaining our integrity. With over 18 years experience, 3 websites, managing the largest deal website in Utah, and thousands of hours spent combing the grocery aisles, I know a great deal when I see one. Roll back the savings, one price match at a time with

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