Free Bic Flame Disk Coupon 8/26


Watch your Smart Source Insert this Sunday for a completely Free Bic Flame Disk Coupon (Up to $4.99)!  My local Walmart doesn’t carry these right now, however did you know you can request products to be stocked at your store?  Yep!  I filled out a paper at checkout to request they stock Bic Flame Disks!  I have done this several times and they always start to stock the product I request!


Bic FlameDisk Store Locator


  1. ania says

    why did my paper not have these? How can I get some? I really wanted to give these a try. We have been watching for them in stores but none yet.

  2. says

    I have requested them at my Walmart but they haven’t come in either. I have a friend in Idaho who found them at her Walmart. I think it’s a little strange that the coupon came out after BBQ season had ended but I’m still watching out for these.

  3. katrina says

    I have 3 of these coupons and feel like ive looked everywhere. 2 different target locations, 2 different CVS locations, a walmart, frys/kroger and safeway. I’m about to go to Albertsons right now and hope they have some!! It expires next week!! Eeekk!!

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