HUGE $2.50 Biore Money Maker at Walmart!



In addition to this hot Biore Walmart Deal, I just found Biore trial size cleansers for only $0.50 at my Walmart.  That means a $2.50 Money Maker.  Now my guess is that they are clearancing out the trial size, but if your store has some, you can seriously make some bank!
Walmart Coupon Deal:
Biore Cleanser, Trial Size: $0.50

Use: $3/1 Biore Cleanser, exp. 8/19/13 (SS 08/11/13)

Final Price: FREE + $2.50 Overage!
Here’s a pic of the upcs for those of you who asked for them:

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 6.28.28 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 6.28.38 PM



      • says

        My two cents: It is completely following Walmart’s own policy to use this coupon as I posted above. We get overage on a wide variety of coupons ranging from Bic razors, Gillette shave gel and even Biore with this weeks coupons. Not only that, on a weekly and almost daily basis there are coupons, printable or from the newspaper, which will give shoppers overage. I guess if someone doesn’t want to use this coupon for overage then they should never use any coupon which would give them even a $0.01 overage. We can all guess what the manufacturer intends, but none of us really know. Ie… does Gillette really want to give us 3 free bottles of shave gel this week, plus the $0.06 overage of course. Or does Bic really want me to get free razors next week, plus the $0.04 overage? I think as long as we use our coupons as ethically as possible and follow all the guidelines printed on them, then we are doing our best to interpret the mfr. intent. Sometimes we get a deal and sometimes we don’t.

  1. Crystal says

    Hi there – I went to two different walmarts and couldn’t find these. I know stock varies from store to store. But might you suggest how else I may hunt these down? I bought a bunch of these coupons off eBay already! Haha

  2. Rebecca says

    I have 50 of the $3/1 Biore if anyone is interested. They do not carry the trial size in my walmart so I have no need for them.

  3. Rebecca says

    I wasn’t able to find these trial biore cleansers at my local Walmart but I did find a trial size of biore cleansing strips at Walgreens for $2.79. It’s still free and still a small moneymaker. It’s also better than wasting all 50 of my coupons :) I hope this helps those of u with these coupons since they do expire today 8/19.

  4. says

    You can’t special order these. As I mentioned in the post I think these may be a clearance item so if you find them then you can score, but they likely won’t restock.

  5. stef says

    not sure about anyone else but I called corporate with those numbers and it wasent for biore. 1 was nothing and the other was for a night light


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