Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes – Walmart Craft


My kids love to make Christmas ornaments each year for our Christmas tree, and while I’m fairly OCD about the tree matching perfectly, I can control myself enough to let them put on a few random ornaments without going crazy.  (Though I’ll admit I do have to re-place the ornaments into their correct positions after the kids go to sleep). Hey – I haven’t been diagnosed so give me a break already!
I saw these snowflake pipe cleaner ornaments a few years back and thought they would make a fun family craft.  The kids had a blast making them and they were so easy and inexpensive to make (because I bought all the ingredients at Walmart!)that we made them again this year.  If you’re looking for a last minute craft to fill your family party, this just might do the trick!

Project Requirements:

Wire Cutters
Pipe Cleaners (Plain white and Iridescent or silver)
Crystal Plastic Beads

Step 1:  Cut 2 white pipe cleaners and 1 iridescent pipe cleaner in half

Step 2:  Twist the 4 white 1/2 size pipe cleaners together one full turn

Step 3:  Twist 1 iridescent pipe cleaner on at a time around the white pipe cleaners, alternating two white, one iridescent

Step 4:  Add crystal beads to white pipe cleaners as desired

Step 5:  Kink white pipe cleaners and twist ends together




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