Purex Plus Oxi Detergent Giveaway – The Wally World Woman


Yes, it’s been a series of unfortunate events at my house for the last couple days. Among other things, my youngest son had to have dental surgery and later that night hit his head on the steps in the garage and cut his head wide open requiring 24 stitches and then my daughters braces slipped during the night cutting her gums up quite badly. Enough blood already I say!!!
Fortunately, Purex sent me a free bottle of Purex Plus Oxi to review just in the nick of time, because I had a lot of blood to get out of clothes and sheets! Can I just say that Purex Plus Oxi and Zout worked amazingly at removing our horror house of laundry stains and even the bright white sheets came out sparkling clean!


Purex has given me 3 free bottles to give away to some fellow injury prone readers! Make sure you enter to win a coupon for a Free Bottle of Purex Plus Oxi and Zout and don’t miss the over $6000 in prizes Purex is giving away to celebrate this awesome detergent too!

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