Utah County Walmart Policy – Changes!


I had the opportunity to speak with the local Utah County Walmart front end managers in regards to solidifying their corporate and regional policies.  The goal was to make sure all of our Walmart locations enforced the SAME policy at each location and that you didn’t get a different story at every Walmart.  I must say, the Walmarts in my area are really working hard to make sure that we couponers do things right and feel accepted at the same time.  It may take a while for everyone to be made clear on the policy but in a few weeks I think things will be running smoothly.
Here are some meeting notes. I’d be happy to help explain anything you’d like.

Walmart Coupons and Double Coupons


  • All Cashiers will ask for coupons at the same time that a product is rung in.  If coupons are not handed over at the time of sale, the transaction will be voided and re-rung in by a CSM at a different register as to not create congestion in the current lane.


All Coupons MUST be scan-able


Walmart gladly accept the following types of coupons:


  • Printed Internet Coupons

-Must have “Manufacture coupon” printed on them

-Must have a valid remit address for the Manufacture

-Must have a valid expiration date

Must have a scan-able bar code

-Buy one, get one coupons with a specified price $

-May not be photocopied. Each coupon should have a unique ID # printed on them.

-Black and White copies are accepted

-Dollar value must be printed

  •  Manufacturer Coupons

-Must have “Manufacture coupon” printed on them

-Must have a valid remit address for the manufacturer

-Must have a valid expiration date

-Must have a scan-able bar code

-Dollar value must be present

  • Coupon Acceptance Guidelines:

–       If a coupon says on “ANY” although the photo shows only one variety, as long as the size, qty. and variety match it is valid

–       NO store coupons, (with out a specific product price listed for an ad match), will be accepted (they can not be scanned into Walmart’s register)
- this includes Catalinas, Register Rewards and checkout bonuses

–       Following all Guidelines and Limits printed on coupons is required:  If the coupon specifies that a limit is present, then explain to the customer that the remaining amount can be purchased on a different transaction as long as the coupon does not state otherwise

–       All coupons must be presented with the product, whether handed to the cashier or placed on the product.

–       Only one coupon per item

–       Redeeming a coupon with wording ”up to” or “BOGO” the amount entered should reflect the EXACT amount of the product it is paired with

–       If the coupon exceeds the price of the item then the remainder is given as cash or applied to the baskets total.

  •  Ad Matching Guidelines

–       Walmart DOES match Internet/Online grocery and retail ads, as long as products advertised may be purchased In-Store and NOT online only

–       Ad matching a BOGO sale is allowed when the competitors specific price is listed in the printed ad

–       Walmart DOES NOT honor any sales where a free gift card, iTunes or Xbox card etc. is involved in the advertised sale.
Walmart DOES NOT honor any store coupons where the specific price is not listed. Ie, Walmart does not accept $5/25 Staples Coupons, $10/50 Fingerhut Coupons, $10/50 Winco Coupons.

–       Customers DO NOT have to bring or present their own ads, all stores should be provide them for all customer use

–       Ad matching is allowed from any stores printed ad in the regional area (Utah county)

–       All ad matching limits are only if the stores ad has a limit printed on it

–       Ad match verification is allowed and encouraged anytime during a transaction

  • Wednesday Double Coupons

–       Customers can ad match Ridley’s and double coupons on the same product up to a $1.00 value

–       Customers can double a coupon on any item at Walmart’s price up to $1.00

–       Customers CAN NOT double a coupon and ad match any store other than Ridley’s on Wednesday


  1. Sandra G says

    I was unable to purchase the Dulcolax Pink using my printed $3.00 coupon because of this change, it would not scan. What are we supposed to do? I print my coupons using black ink only with draft setting, is that why it won’t scan? Are we going to have to start using more ink on our coupons to get them to scan?

    • says

      I would not use draft to print if you have trouble getting them to scan. In any case, I would ask for a CSM to come look at your coupon and they can vendor it if they choose to.

  2. says

    Unfortunately, I had issues with the $1/1 pork coupon, and the .50/1 Pom pomegranate coupon. (Internet and newspaper coupons) A CSM and a manager came over and both said they couldn’t vendor it nor override it like they have in the past. Frustration. I have since talked to corporate after they emailed me and they are “looking into it” but that usually takes a long time. As in I’m still waiting when I approached them with my last issue a year ago. The products matched completely and the CSM and manager both stated that they did but they couldn’t do anything about it. Not liking this new system at all, but appreciate how nice the staff has been even though they all expressed frustration with the new system. Hopefully the bugs will get worked out soon and cashiers can go back to quick transactions again.

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