Utah Walmart Price Match Deals: Buy Low Going Out Of Business!!


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Yes, it’s true.  Buy Low in Provo is going out of business (last day Sat. 1/12).  I saw this coming from the day they opened.  From the weird location (which seems to be super transitional for grocery stores) to the not quite up to par quality of products, the demise of Buy Low was always in the cards.
I only shopped at Buy Low a few times and was seriously disappointed in the service and quality each time I went.  I’m sorry for the loss of jobs that’s about to take place and also for the loss of a great store to price match at Walmart.


I guess I’ll have a little free time on my hands due to the removal of this store from ad match ups.  Any suggestions for new stores to add to the line up?


  1. cami liggett says

    I love this website!!! Thanks for all your hard work and time. I think you could add reams to the line up. I am also sad about buy-low closing but not because i actually shop there but because i love to price match them.

  2. serena says

    I suggest Reams also. Salt Lake AND springville. The Saratoga store manager (walmart) told me he’d add match salt lake’s Reams.

  3. serena says

    another quick question — my coupons.com now won’t let me print twice. can you think of anything that’s changed?

  4. Rebecca says

    I would love to see Springville Reams and/or Stokes. Both have great produce prices and that’s what I’ll really be missing with Buy Low gone.

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