Utah Walmart Price Match: Harmons Deals 2/10-2/16 ($0.75 Capri Sun!)


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Check out my favorite Utah Walmart and Harmons price match deals this week – including $0.75 Capri Sun!

This List Has Expired
Baking Supplies & Seasonings
Breakfast Foods
Canned Goods
Condiments, Sauces & Gravy
Cookies & Crackers
Pasta, Rice, Beans



  1. Brea says

    Harmon’s ad only pictures the Capri Sun Drinks and not the 100% juices. Have you confirmed that the juices are included? I’m used to sales this low not including the juices.

      • Brea says

        The ad just says “Assorted” and only pictures only Drink varieties, so there’s no indication that 100% Juice, Super V or Roarin’ Waters are included. Just seems like you provided information that may not be correct.

        • says

          Thanks Brea. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to call or visit every store to confirm all varieties included in every sale. Sometimes you get the wrong answer even when you call – even at Walmart LOL, so going in to the store would be the only way to verify and I just can’t do that. That’s why I base price matches on the written ad, per Walmart’s online policy. But, that does mean that sometimes I’ll include a variety of an item which is not actually included in the sale and sometimes I’ll even miss a hot item that actually is included in the ad. I do my best. Thanks for your help.

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