Walmart Money Maker Deal? – $7 Amlactin Lotion Coupon


UPDATE: Coupon Now Gone! FYI – My store’s price was $13.
Hurry and print this $7.00/1 Amlactin Lotion Coupon and head over to Walmart where they are reportedly on sale for only $4.90!  That’s a $2.10 Money Maker!  Also, when you sign up for the Amlactin

Newsletter you’ll get another $6.00/1 Amlactin Coupon!
I’m headed out to verify prices shortly!

Thanks CouponPro!


  1. Crystal says

    I work at Walmart and got all excited about this deal. The lotion is $15 its sitting next to something that cost $4.90. I went through all the trouble to retrieve these and it doesnt work. So you didn’t miss anything!

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