Walmart Price Match Policy


(Print off a copy of the Walmart Price Match Policy (Ad Match Guarantee) and keep it with you just in case you run in to a cashier who doesn’t know the rules.  Remember to be polite, but if need be ask for a manager to clarify any questions.)



:: Walmart Ad Match Guarantee ::

Walmart is committed to providing low prices every day. On everything. So if you find a lower advertised price on an identical product, tell them and they’ll match it. Right at the register.


Walmart will gladly match the price in the following types of ads:*

  • Walmart Price Match PolicyBuy one, get one free ads with a specified price
    • Example: Buy one for $2.49, get one free (BOGO)
  • Competitors’ ads that feature a specific item for a specified price.
  • Preferred shopping card prices for specific items that are in a printed ad.
  • For fresh produce and meat items when the price is offered in the same unit type (lb. for lb.; each for each)


*The following are guidelines and limitations:


  • Walmart will match any local competitor’s advertised price.
  • Walmart does not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor’s ad.
  • Items purchased must be identical to the ad (size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc.)
  • In all situations Walmart reserves the right to limit BOGO quantities to one per customer or household


Walmart DOES NOT match the price in the following types of competitor ads:


  • Items that require a separate purchase to get the ad price
    • example: “Buy [item A] to get [item B] for $C”
  • Items with no actual price that require a purchase to get free product
    • example: “Buy both [items A & B] to get [item C] for free”
  • Items that require a purchase to get a competitors’ gift card
    • example: “Buy [item A] to get a $B gift card
  • Buy one, get one free (BOGO) ads with no actual price given
  • Going out of business or closeout prices
  • Percentage off
    • example: “All mascara, 40% off”
  • Competitors’ private label price promotions Walmart Price Match Policy
  • A specific price that omits a specific characteristic of an item (Example: $9.50 on “all sizes or quantities” of an assortment)


Walmart DOES NOT honor:


  • Ads when the actual price for items cannot be determined.
  • Internet pricing
  • Misprinted ad prices of other retailers
  • “Going out of business” sales or “close out” prices



  1. megan says

    So just to make sure I’m understanding this right… We can use coupons on price match, so long as you dont double them. Is that right? Doing my first coupon shop tomorrow and I’m a little nervous that it won’t go as planned.

  2. says

    That’s correct Megan. You can price match and use a coupon together.

    Plus, if you live in Utah County, then you can double coupons under $1 in value on Tuesdays. You can also price match Ridleys Market in Utah County and double coupons on that price match – but for RIDLEYS ONLY on Tuesdays. Hope that helps.

  3. megan says

    Thank you so much! Im 10 times more excited than I am nervous at this point. I really have learned a ton from your site since saturday when I decided that I was tired of paying almost 1000.00 a month for groceries. Thanks for all the amazing work you do to keep us informed of the great sales and deals!!

  4. Nancy Jane Wilson says

    I am upset that if I say an item is $1 @ $1 Tree, they say they won’t that store. They consider it a closeout store. I look it up, they are a wholesale store.

    • says

      They actually are a closeout store in many ways. However, I think if the item is advertised in the weekly Dollar Tree ad and it’s identical size and brand it should be allowed as a price match. Another problem is though, that any dollar stores offer smaller ounce size products than those sold at regular retailers. Dollar stores can certainly be tricky to price match and I definitely can understand your concerns.

  5. janel says

    I’ve been told that Walmart requires us to bring in the actual ad now to price match… have you heard of this and when will it be effective??

    • says

      Some Utah County locations are implementing this now. Orem and AF is what I’ve heard. I’m not sure if this will apply to all Walmart locations across the US.

  6. Nat4322 says

    Regarding the A.F. Walmart manager being “difficult” about the price-matching policy, please see this thread on fb from Price Match With Rachel:
    I just recently moved here to the A.F. area, so I’m kinda ticked about this. She is suggesting we call and complain that the manager isn’t following the price-match policy… so if y’all would… maybe it’ll help?

  7. Mai says

    I was turned down for a ToysRus ad: “buy 2 boxes of Huggies (specified the quantity in it) and get $20 off” and was told that the reason is because the price for the boxes of diapers was not listed on the ad. I assume it’s because of their policy for “Ads when the actual price for items cannot be determined?” Is this correct?

    • says

      That would be correct. However, sometimes they will accepts $ off coupons from a competitor even though there is no price listed on the coupon.

  8. neuroticmom says

    Do they honor store coupon prices? One of the local stores has Gatorade 2/$1 with store coupon. Can I get that price at Walmart?

  9. julie says

    So riteaid has a coupon “buy 1 gradena friutras shampoo or conditioner and get second one for 50% off. walmart said no they can’t honor it cause its with a Wellness card and they don’t price match when the stores coupon says you need a card? Is this right?

  10. Tracy Howard says

    I went shopping last night, doing my pricematching. The cashier came to the “store brand” cheese and said that they no long price match the “store brand” to “store brand” adds. They have always in the past… I am very disappointed. I live in Concordia Ks. and everyone else in other states and cities that I have checked with are not having a problem with this… have you heard of this before?

      • Jennifer says

        My Walmart here in Quinlan Tx has also stopped matching store brand items. It seems like everytime you turn around Walmart or should I say the store managers are changing rules. Im so frustrated with Walmart Im really considering shopping at the actual store that has the item on sale. So tired of being harassed at the register!!!!

    • April says

      I just did in Greenville Mississippi and oak grove lousisana all the time i think thats bull and they didn’t want 2 go through the steps or just didn’t want 2 do it I know i work at wal mart

    • Wendy says

      I live in West Jordan and some of the Walmart’s are really cracking down on ad matches, and I was told yesterday that they no longer will match Store brands period. Also they no longer will match Racho Market or Anaya’s Marker. They say because the quality is low at those stores compard to Wal-marts, which isn’t true. I personally think it’s a crock of crap that Wal-mart is playing this game with Customer’s and not standing behind there ” Price Match Guarantee” If this is the case they are false advertising and should take it off there website, and commercial’s. Also it’s not the Customer’s responsibility to have the adds either. Sooner or later I hope Wal-mart goes outta business!!!

      • says

        I’ve heard that as well. Rancho Market quality is NOT subpar to Walmart! IMO they are just unwilling to ad match their hot deals because they are losing too much money. Hopefully they will reverse this thinking and actually honor their policy. FYI – not all stores are implementing that. My store still honors Rancho and store brands. I certainly hope Walmart doesn’t go out of business. While it’s sometimes frustrating to shop their and understand policies, it is ultimately easier to shop there, their prices are overall lower than anywhere else, and it’s super convenient.

  11. Tory says

    I am a Walmart manager and the policy states not to ad match “private brands” but our store doesn’t follow that rule every store manager has guidelines but they can change rules to accommodate their store

  12. Shopping Dad says

    I shop at Walmart at least once per week BECAUSE of their price match policy. Prior to shopping, I go online to all the competitors’ websites, review their ads, and aggregate the deals based on my grocery needs at the time. Most of the deals are “loss leaders”, so my grocery list is often almost entirely comprised of those items. I then Print (important step) my grocery list with the discounted prices next to the items and the respective stores that are offering them. This is the fun part… almost invariably, upon the cashier noticing me looking at this “printed grocery list” they almost never ask me anything. I lay out my non-price match items first on the belt and inform the cashier that everything after a particular item will be price match. As each item approaches the scanner I “declare” a price. They have competitors’ ads behind them to reference, but almost NEVER do. Maybe once every 20 grocery trips have I had the cashier bother to cross-reference the “declared” price. Lately, the only hiccup in the process has been having to have a Customer Service Manager override the terminal. They come and turn a key.. and off I go. I’ve been scanning my reciepts lately to show those in disbelief. Why would I shop anywhere else?

    • Bargain shopper says

      It must depend on the store. Our WM told me today they have to have actual ad b/c I did the same thing you did online to save $. It takes a lot of time (esp. When you try to ad match and use coupons), but I guess we were saving too much so getting original ads will be difficult and fewer people will do it.

  13. says

    I’m new to price matching and its policy. here is my question. mosers store has lays chips 1.89 and patricia store has buy 1 lays and get one free. Can i combine the two ads?????
    and get 1.89 and 1 free?

  14. eboni says

    Here is my question. If publix is selling cheese for $2 and it’s buy 1 get 1 free, and walmart is selling the same Cheese for 1.50. Do I have to pay the $2 price and get 1 free or 1.50 price and get 1 free?

    • says

      If Publix has an in-ad price of $2 (not just shelf price, it must be advertised) you would get the ad match BOGO price of $1.00 per pack based off the $2 sale price.

  15. Wayne says

    Hello,,, could I use a manufactures coupon on a loaf of bread, after price matching the bread with a competitors ad?

    $2.00 in walmart
    $1.50 in publix
    $1.00 off manufactures coupon
    I pay 50 cents ?

    • says

      That’s correct Wayne. :) If it’s on sale for $1.50 at Publix and you have a $1 Coupon then you could get it for $0.50 at Walmart.

    • says

      They would match a 50% off and original price of $2.99 or $19.99. It can’t be a range of prices, but has to be one specific price. Walmart wouldn’t know what the actual price was if a range was listed.

  16. Courtney says

    I don’t understand why walmart employees aren’t required to study their price match policy or at least have the guidelines one had. I was treated like crap today when I asked for the CVS price on dr. Pepper, I’ve been granted CVS pricing before by other cashiers but this one totally embarassed my husband and I and made a scene acting like we were con artists or something . She shouted to another employee “hey we don’t accept this so called CVS do we?”…but here is the ridiculous part…she told us “it has to be LOCAL”…so we say ok forget those then,…as she proceeds, I say I want price match for the Coke at the Sentry Foods price (this is not a store in my town either but about 15 miles away) oddly she didn’t argue THAT one at all and I was blown away. I kind of consider it store discrimination really. Lol. But anyways….I just don’t understand what is considered “local” . I think that defination should be better defined by corporate so that there is no conflict.

    • says

      You should definitely ask for the store manager to give you a list of acceptable “competitor” stores in your area which can be price matched. That way, if you have trouble in the future, you can tell your cashier or CSM that “so and so” told you it was accepted. I’d also ask your store manager to give all the cashiers a list of those acceptable stores and let the manager know of your bad experience.

  17. Courtney says

    Comment correction, I meant to say before : I don’t understand why walmart employees aren’t required to study their price match policy or at least have the guidelines ON HAND (not “one had”) oopsie.

  18. Cashier says

    I’m a cashier at a Walmart & I just want you guys to know that price matching is very confusing for us too . (Well some of us.) Some of the cashiers are too anal ! But there’s numerous times where managers tell me different things all the time . We have meetings over & over again about price matching & coupons . Some managers basically say , follow your heart , do what you think is right . Some say , check the ad if it’s a 3$ difference & some say , do it no matter what the price difference is . So i figured i’d follow the 3$ difference rule . There’s quiet a few customers I get that try going through my line trying to get everything in their basket for 1$. I can’t say for sure their lying but I feel as if people like that ruin it for people that are really , honestly trying to save money . I always check the ads when it’s a 3$ difference because I don’t want to get into trouble . Managers at walmart can be so careless . No matter what the situation is . One time after work I went to price match a bag of cheese for 6$ . They usually are 8$. That same day I got quiet a few customers price matching it at that . Anyways , I went to price match this lousy bag of cheese & my co-worker wouldn’t do it . I didn’t think to check the ad because it was no biggie . I was very irritated ! I doubt all these honest looking old people would lie to me about a price match on a bag of cheese ! So i see everyone’s concerns ! & cashiers do need to loosen up & learn the dang rules before they open their mouth !

  19. inquisitive says

    I went to Wal-Mart to buy an Wii but they didn’t have anymore in stock. So I googled game stores around me and found that target had them for thirty dollars cheaper but they were sold out also…Can I get the price match in this instance?

    • says

      You can only ad match prices which are advertised in a printed flyer or available in-store from a printable sales ad which is typically available via email.

  20. krystal says

    How many miles away from walmart store will they honor ad match guarantee. I live about 35 miles away from the nearest walmart and was wondering if they would ad match from my local grocery store.

    • says

      That honestly depends on the Walmart. There is not set mileage. You’ll need to speak with the manager at your store and ask for a list competitors they’ll ad match.

  21. Dena says

    Referring to the BOGO price match… When purchasing the items that are advertised for BOGO are you paying the competitors price advertised or Walmarts price?

      • Dena says

        I had my first price match shopping experience at walmart today. I mainly purchased the BOGO items since I wasn’t completely sure how it would go, I just kept it simple for my first time price matching. Walmart charged me their price for the BOGO items instead of competitors price. I’m a very honest person so I mentioned it to the cashier and she said that they charge their price not competitors. I was pleasantly surprised. I saved so much more than expected. Yay for me!!! I love my walmart!!!

        • says

          Dena – What state do you live in? I’ve heard some states are allowing shoppers to BOGO Walmart’s price. Here in Utah they charge the BOGO of the competitor and it even states that in their online policy.

          • mike says

            see that doesnt make any sense. If walmart is going to charge you the competitors price anyways for a bogo, then why not just get it from the competitor?

          • says

            Price matching is AWESOME! We price match so that we don’t have to drive to a bunch of different stores to get everyone’s sale price. Instead, we drive to one store and get everyone’s deals there. :)

          • michelle says

            FLORIDA WALMARTS price match BOGOS at the Walmart price :) :) I’m totally hooked !!!!!!!! Since late Sept 2013 when I found out they match BOGOS at the WALMART PRICE

  22. Dena says

    I had my first price match shopping experience at walmart today. I mainly purchased the BOGO items since I wasn’t completely sure how it would go, I just kept it simple for my first time price matching. Walmart charged me their price for the BOGO items instead of competitors price. I’m a very honest person so I mentioned it to the cashier and she said that they charge their price not competitors. I was pleasantly surprised. I saved so much more than expected. Yay for me!!! I love my walmart!!!

    • says

      The original price doesn’t have to be listed just the sales price. The sales price is listed and 2/$6 or $3 each, so yes Walmart should match that price.

  23. Ashley says

    Does anyone know if Alabama WalMarts are using their prices or competitor’s prices for BOGO? I’ve heard rumors that they are, but have only seen confirmation that Florida stores are.

  24. Amy says

    Question: Does it have to be an ad price? For example, my Sam’s club’s price on a gallon of milk is 2.89, but its 3.20 at Walmart. These are the everyday prices. Can I ask for the 2.89 price at Walmart, even though it’s an everday price and not a sale price? It’s definitely lower and the tag line is “if you find a lower price…”

    • says

      It would have to be advertised somewhere. Shelf prices don’t count as a potential price match because Walmart can’t verify that price by looking at an ad.

  25. KATHY says

    Yesterday I tried to get 6 12 packs of Pepsi for 15.00 using CVS price match ad at Wal-Mart. The cashier and CSM said I would have to pay 20.00 that they do not honor the prices with a CVS card. I have done this in the past at the same Alabama Wal-Mart. Any comments?

    • says

      I would refer them to their online corporate policy:

      “We gladly match the price in the following types of ads:*

      Buy one, get one free ads with a specified price
      Example: Buy one for $2.49, get one free (BOGO)

      Competitors’ ads that feature a specific item for a specified price

        Preferred shopping card prices for specific items that are in a printed ad

      For fresh produce and meat items when the price is offered in the same unit type (lb. for lb.; each for each)”

  26. Joe says

    This weeks ad for Target shows $10 blue-rays, DVDs, cds and books. Can you price match to this ad when i go to walmart?

  27. Kirsten says

    If and ad for noodles says buy 6 packages to get the final price of .39¢ each. Will Walmart price match only if I purchase 6 package increments, or can I just get one at that price if I wanted.

  28. Kirsten says

    If an item’s sale price is only good like on a Wednesday or like a Fri-Sun., will walmart’s price matching only work on those specified days?

  29. TLH says

    What is considered local? How far does the other store have to be before it is considered too far to do an ad match?

      • Isaac says

        Amy, I don’t agree with you. If you actually look at, this ‘local’ definition simply isn’t there.
        It may have been at one time, but it no longer is. You can say the manager has discretion all day long..but that doesn’t make it true, and the corporate policy IS the corporate policy. He/she must abide by that whether they want to or not.

        As far as I am concerned, I’m taking the corporate policy with me, as stores in our area have been doing some very disturbing things recently with not accepting coupons from hispanic markets (Al Super, El Rancho), but accepting from Food City. They are both the same distance from the store.

        Educated Guess: This has nothing to do with local nor policy. :)

  30. KRISTEN says

    Does the item you want have to be on sale or can you see that its cheaper at another store and tell Walmart you can get it at this store for this price?

  31. KRISTEN says

    one store has When you buy 8 or more in the same transaction with card. Quantities less than 8 will be $0.89 each. Select Varieties, 32 oz does walmart have to mach that?

  32. Yesenia says

    Can I match a price from cvs after store coupon. Example $5.00 special price, only pay $1.00 after $4.00 coupon from the machine? And it is published in the ad that way. can I match it for $1.00 and use a coupon?

  33. Yesenia says

    Can I match a price from cvs after store coupon. Example $5.00 special price, only pay $1.00 after $4.00 coupon from the machine? And it is published in the ad thath way. can I match it for $1.00 and use a coupon?

  34. Heather says

    My question is in reference to the BOGO ads. Publix ads always say,as an example, buy one lays potato chips get one free, save up to $1.59. I’ve been told this doesn’t count as it isn’t specific enough to show an item price. I would think that since it says save up to, it means the item is that price and that’s what you’re saving on the free item. Is this not the case?

    • says

      I agree with you Heather. My local Walmart accepts that as the price. I would ask a manager next time and explain you’ll accept the highest price ($1.59) that item might cost at the competitor store.

    • says

      You do not have to take the ad in. Walmart’s online policy states that they must provide the ads. However, I usually take mine in with me anyway in case they want to check something I’ve price matched. I can find the item faster in my ads than they can 😉

      • michelle says

        I AGREE :) I take in my ads (I circle the BOGOS) , alot quicker if I just show them where I have it circled :) Someeee actually want to check the weekly dates to make sure I don’t have a weeeklyy ad from say 3 weeks ago ??? I have the weekly date circled also :)

  35. Chris says

    Your best bet is to take the ad. We wish everyone did. At the store I work at it is a constant struggle against thieves picking numbers out of the air to use. its so much less stress for all involved if you have the ad.

    • says

      I actually agree Chris and take my ad with me as much as possible, though my store has a 3 ring binder with all the ads in it to check if necessary.

  36. Isaac says

    My concern is that this article states things that actually are not true. For example, this article says, under list of things NOT matched:
    “Competitor ads from outside of the store’s local trade territory. It is a store manager’s discretion as to what defines a territory.”
    But I just went to and that simply IS NOT THERE.

    Because we (Gilbert, Arizona) have store managers saying they won’t honor Al Super or El Rancho, but they will honor Food City. Why? They claim, it’s because of a 5 mile radius restriction. Problem: Food City and El Rancho are in the exact same place – both about 6.5 miles from the walmart in question.

    This store is also known to be pretty racist…hiring a lot of grumpy old white ladies who treat hispanics really bad.

    • says

      You are correct that it no longer states as quoted: “Competitor ads from outside of the store’s local trade territory. It is a store manager’s discretion as to what defines a territory.” However, this was in the policy before it was updated a little while ago. I left it in because whether it is still included or not, it IS Walmart policy. Each Walmart gets to determine what “local” means to them. We as shoppers don’t get to define that. I believe they removed that line as it wasn’t necessary to keep it in and they were condensing. It does still say they only honor LOCAL ads and the only one who gets to decide what is local is Walmart. As per your store letting you price match one store and not another – I too think that’s a little odd. You can always call corporate and ask them for more clarification on the stores in your area which can be ad matched and they can confirm with your manager. My area ad matches hispanic and english markets equally so I can’t speak for your area. I’d call corporate.

      • Isaac says

        I have to disagree with you on your assumption that: ” I left it in because whether it is still included or not, it IS Walmart policy”
        … Says who? Being in the programming trade, I have to smile at the idea that they felt it necessary to condense, save space, etc. Space is cheap and their entire policy is only about 20 sentences as it is. I strongly doubt they removed what would have been a critical piece of the policy just to “condense”.

        I agree with you that we don’t define Local, Walmart does. But the safest assumption is that if they removed the part about the STORE MANAGER having ultimate say-so, then there was probably a meaningful reason for having removed it.

        My guess (just a guess) is that they decided to raise the standard on who decides that from the store manager level which would be a very reasonable move on their part, since that’s way too much discretion on the store manager’s part. If the manager gets to decide which one he feels like honoring on a given day–that’s too much discretion in their hands and inconsistency would be the result.

        Yes, I’ve begun a dialogue with corporate CS and will report back what I find. I’m sure that there is SOME element of discretion at the GM level to make the call on debatable items….But I’m pretty sure it’s not as absolute as some people think, and certainly not as arbitrary as I am seeing in this particular store.

        • says

          Says Walmart, is the short answer.

          Longer answer: Your guess or my guess – it’s sixes. Walmart store manager’s still get to decide and as a current Walmart shopper, which you are as well, I know that often store policies do seem to change by the minute or the manager. It sucks, but it’s what they do. I wish Walmart could define “Local” in a numerical amount, ie… 5 mile distance etc… But that just doesn’t work and ultimately can’t be defined that way. I live in a unique valley with stores spread between, so the distance my Walmart deems local would vary from yours. It’s a fluid situation for each Walmart market and thus I do think store managers should have the ultimate say on what can or cannot be ad matched.

          Final answer: I’m leaving that statement in, because after having shopped at Walmart for many years, working directly with all the Walmart managers and regional managers in my area, and speaking with corporate several times, this is my understanding of the policy. Guesses as to why it was removed are irrelevant.

          Good luck with CS.

        • MAW says

          According to the Federal Government, local travel is defined as any reasonable distance a person would travel to and from work on a daily basis; 60-miles has been used for the last 12 years that I have been doing travel. Sounds like WalMart should use the Government’s guideline and use it uniformly across the board.

          • says

            It would be nice if there could be a definite guideline, unfortunately I don’t think it will ever happen. IMO 60 miles is a ridiculous measurement by the government to get out of paying employees for “long distance” travel.

  37. Isaac says

    PS … you really shouldn’t leave it in though…It’s a direct mis-statement of the current walmart policy. Now that you know that it’s out of date, it would be a good to remove it so your article isn’t misleading.

    I think the normal convention when quoting something is to make sure the quote is just that…a direct quote. :)

    • says

      I disagree. A lot of what I post here is my own interpretation and what I posted is accurate policy. As I also linked to the direct policy so others can see the full Walmart version as well, I don’t see an issue with leaving it in.

      • Chris says

        Exactly right. .as stated in the policy. Has to have a specified price not a ” buy one get on free. Save $2.49 on two” doesn’t tell you how much it starts at or final price. Your assumeing its $2.49. But it depends on who’s on duty if you can get it or not. And there is a whole different set of rules/ policy for associates. We get shafted

  38. Chris says

    I work at Walmart too. Our store manager told us it came down from corporate that we are not to ad match store brands as of march 15, 2014. They revised the coupon policy he said.

  39. jessica says

    i am new to the coupon world and so excited to get it all figured out. I would like to know this. If Publix has domino sugar for .99 and winn dixie has it bogo can I get both at walmart. the price difference and bogo?

  40. Shenna83 says

    CVS has b1 at $6.99 get 2 free
    Walmart has the same itam for $4.99
    Will walmart change the price from $4.99 to $6.99 in order for me to get b1 get 2 free

    • says

      No Walmart will not change their price to be higher. However, it is possible they will price match the B1G2F price, which would be $6.99 for all 3, or in other words $2.33 each.

  41. Roxanne Perez says

    I went to wal mart a few days ago to price match the tide detergent from walgreens. They said it is “managers choice” at each wal mart whether they will allow price match AND a coupon. This one would not allow me to use the coupon too. Have u heard of this? I am going to write corporate or someone Bcuz they were so rude to me. Not to mention they didn’t want to tate my $3 off a female gillette disposable razor. The Mgr says ” this is a venus, not a gillette!” All rude n loud. I told her to look again and learn how to read! She had already made some rude comment about coupons.

    • says

      WOW – all stores accept coupons and a price match to my knowledge. I could see the Venus mistake, but when they read that it is made by Gillette they definitely should accept it.

  42. Kat says

    Hi Amy, SoCal Newbie here! With what Roxanne said, the walmart here’s says “it’s one or the other” and that it was a new policy just in effect. But i read up on the policy (after i refuse to buy the items), no where does it say that. They weren’t rude to me but I was upset, that I didn’t get what i came for! Any ideas? Should i call corporate?

    • says

      Yes Kat – I’d definitely call corp, but my guess is that may say it’s up to the individual manager to decide. I’d remind them, if they do say that, that it goes against their own published corp. policy to say one or the other.

  43. Caitlin says

    I have a Dollar General add for Pampers diapers “all counts and sizes” for $9.50 each.. I’ve read the Ad match policy up and down 1000 times and it seems walmart has to honor it… Is it too good to be true??

    • says

      That’s a tricky one. You’re right that Walmart should ad match ALL counts and sizes but more than likely they will only ad match the Jumbo size as I suspect that’s all that Dollar General sells.

  44. caitlin says

    Good to know! I live right by both stores so it’s worth a try, I guess. do I need to bring in the paper ad or will the ad on my iPhone works just the same..?

    • says

      Yes they do. I answered this same question just a few minutes ago and here are my thoughts: “That’s a tricky one. You’re right that Walmart should ad match ALL counts and sizes but more than likely they will only ad match the Jumbo size as I suspect that’s all that Dollar General sells.”

  45. amanda says

    I tried the price match for the dollar general add for pampers and luv and the walmart I went to refused to honor both price matches. So disappointing. ..they claim it was a misprint on dollar generals part. Would have cared much but the manager was so very rude.

  46. Nicole says

    I tried to price match today the pampers for $9.50. With ad in hand, “any size, any quantity” and was refused by two different managers. They claim the dollar general doesn’t sell big boxes so they won’t price match. The manager was EXTREMELY rude and literally told me I didn’t know what I was talking about.

    • says

      I did not think they would price match the diapers as I was fairly certain that DG only carried the jumbo size. While the cashiers and managers should definitley not have been rude, they did have the right to refuse the price match on a larger size.

  47. Kaylin says

    Tried price matching the pampers diapers all sizes and counts from DG just now and was told walmart does not price match discounted stores like DG. So disappointed as I had a friend who was able to do it. I even told the cashier that and his response was “it was probably because they knew the cashier.” Which she did not.

  48. Crissy says

    I have a question. I have a friend who coupons and is teaching me. She always gets shampoo and stuff like that for free. Yesterday she explained to me how. CVS’s ad has 3 pantene shampoos for $10 but if you use you P&G coupon you can get it 3/$5. She says that Wal-Mart will price match to the 3/$5 (lowest advertised price) and then you can use you 3/$5 coupon and get it absolutely free. Is this true? Legit? How this works? We are suppose to go today and actually do the transaction ( I am making her go with me) but i wanted to make sure it was right before i get embarrassed.

    • says

      Crissy – She is incorrect and price matching the wrong way. The lowest advertised price at CVS is $3.33. You can see that the $1.67 price is AFTER you use the coupon which came in the Sunday paper. It is wrong to price match the after coupon price and then try to use that same coupon to get it for free. I’m hopeful she just misunderstands the policy and is not trying to cheat the system.

  49. Valerie says

    I just read for an hour THANK YOU SO MUCH about to do my first price match her is Amy question and sorry if has been asked and I missed it ….. If a competitor has a 2 for $5 deal do I have to buy two at Walmart to get the $2.50 each price or can I just buy one at $2.50

  50. David W says

    This is a little long. This is my first time on your site. I live in Florida. When Walmart started the BOGO price matching here it was great. I have been doing all my shopping for bogo’s there as it is always so much cheaper as they have been doing it at their price. Well I went and did some bogo shopping tonight. Evidently they are changing some of their policy’s. First thing that they threw at me was they now limit bogo’s to two per product. One of the items I was picking up is the 32oz bottles of powerade. I had a total of 8 bottles which was 4 different flavors. Well they now have new signs posted for the cashiers stating that there is a limit of 2 bogo’s per item, period. Does not matter if its different flavors or styles. Then the cashier also advises me they are also changing here very soon the pricing. The bogo’s will no longer be at Walmarts price. If the ad from the other store states something like save up to 3.99 that is what they will charge you. Not where that really screws things up is say the other store has a group of certain item on bogo like for example chips ahoy cookies. Not all the packages are the same size or price. So the product i am purchasing is 2.99 at one store but because i know they are 2.50 at walmart that might only be a .49 difference but those small things add up. Well now the way it will work is if the ad says save up to 3.99 that’s what they are going to charge. So if i was to purchase those items at walmart i will be actually losing $1.00 because their new policy. They have basically removed any incentive to shop there anymore. I can go back to shopping at winn dixie and send up with alot more savings because they are least offer fuel perks for shopping there which makes a big dent in my gas pricing.

    • Caren says

      I agree that this is very frustrating. I was already at the point of not returning to Walmart when I found out about them starting to honor the bogo. Now that they are not I’m back at my original thought. Yet, what I heard about the new way they are honoring is say right now Winn Dixie has bogo 8 pk PowerAde but it says save $6.49 on two. What happens is when you put the receipt into their savings catcher it takes that $6.49 and divide it by 2 and that is what you pay per item. Still not worth the hassle seeing how the savings catcher for me has not always been accurate and can take up to a week to get the money back. Then when you do get it back it’s in an egift card. So you need a printer!!

  51. Heather says

    ok, question Kohls is having a sale on ALL mattress pads and pillow toppers 50% off the original price. Now it says ALL, will walmart honor the same sale? This is in there weekly flyer.

  52. Ivelisse says

    I want to know if there is a new policy. Yesterday I was at Walmart in Florida and I took some products like Cafe La Llave that was at Sedanos at $1.99. The Cashier told me that as a new policy they don’t accept Sedanos special prices anymore.

  53. Andrea says

    I was at a Florida Walmart today and was told I could not use Comp adds on non-food items such as dish washing soap, Kleenex, and toothpaste. Is this correct ?

    • says

      No that is not correct. You do however, have to bring in the ad for those items. Non-foods item require you show the ad in order to price match.

  54. lulu says

    If cvs has a sale i.e buy one dawn dish soap get one free with card. Will Walmart honor it since it says ‘with card’?

  55. Nicole says

    Will walmart price match the lowest price in an ad even after it shows coupon being deducted? Some people say it’s up to managers. Like for ex Walgreens has Garnier on sale 2\6 minus coupon makes them 2\4. Will they pm the 2/4?

    • says

      The proper way for Walmart to price match is the before manufacturer coupon price. It is dishonest and unethical to price match the price of 2/4 for Garnier as $2 each when it’s obvious that a coupon from the newspaper is required to get it to that price.

  56. Shaelyn says

    Does Wal-Mart match prices for example (Fred Meyer says $1.49 with card) type of prices? A simple yes or no would be great, thanks.

  57. Melinda says

    I am currently in California. I tried to do my first coupon haul. Can you use coupons on price matched item? Rite Aid has 2/$4 Loreal shampoo/conditioner advertised after coupons in their ad. I wanted to price match that price with the 2/$4 coupon i have. The manager told me I couldn’t use the coupon if I price matched it to that price which would make it free. I couldn’t find that in the Walmart policy. Please help! Thanks.

    • says

      Yes you absolutely can use coupons on ad-matched items – even if it makes the item free! The store gets reimbursed the value of the coupon so it’s not like they are losing that money.

  58. Dawn says

    I purchased a Nintendo 2DS from Walmart. Their price was $129.99 and a special promotion of a free $30 gift card with purchase. I asked them to price match Game Stop’s advertised price of $99.99. They Did give me the matched price of $99.99 but REFUSED to honor the spiff and also give me the $30 gift card. Is this right? Or Am I being too demanding?

    • says

      My guess is that Game Stop was offering the price for $99 because they got a kick back of $30 for selling it at that price point and Walmart was just offering their kick back as a gift card. Either way you would get the same price by ad matching or doing the promo offer. I don’t think Walmart would give you the gift card because it was likely a “pre-packaged” deal. Would have been nice if they’d have done both though.

  59. Dawn says

    Follow-up- Great News! I called and spoke to the manager of the store. i didn’t argue or anything, just asked if that was the correct store policy. She said it was not and I should have gotten the card too! She said Good For You! And actually sounded happy about it! I was surprised because the other associate seemed angry about price matching in the first place and was determined that No Way did I deserve a bonus card too. So Yea! It was my daughters money and now she was able to get the game she wanted too. Thank you walmart and thank you Amy for your reply!

    • says

      They were only honoring a BOGO sale without specified prices in certain states and yes, that is ending. Walmart now requires a BOGO competitor ad to state an advertised price in order for you to ad match the deal, for all states.

  60. jana says

    My question is I have a rite aid paper and it says pantene shampoo and conditioner 3 for $10.00 with manufacturers coupon. And -$5 on 3, final cost 3 for $5.00. And i have a coupon for $2.00 off, does walmart use the price match for 3 for $10.00 or 3 for $5.00 plus the $2.00 coupon?

  61. rhonda says

    My Walmart limits the number of items I can purchase on price match. Case in point, Aldi charges 1.99 for a gallon of milk all the time, no limit, but when I go to Walmart they will only allow me to purchase 2 gallons at that price. I cannot find anything in the policy about limiting the amounts is this right?

    • says

      While a manager has to the right to set limits, there is nowhere on the corporate policy that says they are supposed to do that. I’d call corporate and ask them to speak with your manager.

  62. kira says

    I work at a Lowe’s store and we have to price match if someone has a receipt on some at a cheaper price does Wal-Mart do the same?

    • says

      They won’t price match based off a receipt as the item could have been clearance priced, on a % off sale or some other factor that Walmart normally does not ad match. It needs to be found in an ad or online and meet Walmart’s ad match qualifications.

  63. Kendra says

    Trying to figure out this whole walmart ad match thing…

    Tide pods 14 ct – They are on sale pretty regularly for 3.95, with the release of a $2 off one coupon.

    Last week I purchased two bags for 3.95 and recieved a $2 credit to my savings catcher app saying they matched dollar general. So looked at the dollar general ad and it was “after coupon” price.
    It had a box, showing original price, $2 coupon, and then final price being $1.95.

    So today, before doing my ad matching, I went to a manager and was going to confirm that I could ad match for $1.95 now to a family dollar ad. (same wording and everything) he was very crabby and told me no.

    Any input to this?? Ive seen several people do it but I want to be right in doing it!

  64. Larry says

    Can someone hopefully and logically weigh in on a simple but I’m finding out complex question. I’ve had continued conflicts at Wal-Mart with cashiers (not all) when I present a competitor ad that reads “loin cut pork chops 99¢ lb” and Wal-Mart’s package reads “pork loin cut assorted chops 2.97lb. ” Won’t honour ad because the wording has to be the same. What…. pig is a pig pork is pork so now the oink has to be the same also. Large

  65. Trista chapman says

    Does walmart price match from their website, I have ran into two issues with two different walmart that say they don’t. Has anyone else had this issue.

  66. says

    If kroger has a AD that says Buy four cereal for $2.49 get a Gallon of milk free can you price match the Ad and get milk free just like krogers. Thank You for your time

  67. says

    I went to Sam’s Club and bought a big screen tv. Tried to enter in the day I bought it and the code that was on the receipt. When I went to check it, it’s said my number was invalid. I tried to re-enter it and it was exactly the number I had entered the first time. Do they not price match Sam’s Club?

  68. MyWalmartSUCKS says

    What’s your interpretation of the “new” Walmart ad match policy? I went to the store today & they refused to honor the ad/price match demanding that I MUST have the ad or the cashier would be fired. I had a basket full of groceries & only tried to price match some bodywash that was $6.87. A local store has this same bodywash on sale for $1.50 off but they sold out. Walmart asked if I had the ad, I didn’t & they refused to sell it to me stating Walmart had changed their policy. When I pulled out my trusty smartphone and pulled up the policy it clearly said ads are NOT required by the consumer and the store will supply the ad. They still refused & said they’d be fired if they honored it…& that was a “manager” the called over after the cashier requested her to. She also said they don’t price match for local stores only major chains. Hmm this isn’t listed online yet they claimed it in person


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