Walmart Price Match: Smiths Deals 3/26-4/1


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Check out my favorite Smiths and Walmart price match deals for the week of 3/26-4/1.  This is the second week of the Smiths Mega Event Sale.  Most Walmart locations in area know the ad runs two weeks and will gladly price match last weeks Mega items as well.  I’ve left all the previously advertised mega event items in this list as well as all online ad versions as well.

This List Has Expired
Breakfast Foods
Breads and Bakery
Chips & Pretzels
Condiments, Sauces & Gravy
Packaged Meats & Cheeses
Paper Goods
Pasta, Rice, Beans
Personal Hygiene



  1. serena says

    Question. So I was at the saratoga smiths a couple days ago and their schick hydro silk razors (which I bought) were 8.99. I know it’s hard to be ethical on here and I love your site, but I feel bad for walmart when we don’t actually match what is supposed to be matched and they lose money. As much as I’m not a walmart fan in general. Just thought you should know that the schick hydro razors are not 4.99 or 5.99.

    • says

      Thanks Serena! I’ll remove it from the list – I just match based on the ads as Walmart requires and don’t usually have time to verify every item/variety/type of product included in each store’s ad. Sometimes that means I miss things which should be included and sometimes I included things which aren’t necessarily included. Thanks for sharing!

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